Tom Wins The Ripon Gargoyle Competition 2015!

Tom carves a 1.2 tonne block of Highmoor Limestone into a giant Bespoke Bat Gargoyle.  The bat is based on  the Daubentons’ Bat which lives on and around the River Skell next to Ripon Cathedral.  The Bat is known for its large hairy  feet!


Tom carves 6 large relief brick carvings at Draycott Avenue, Chelsea

Tom has spent 4 months creating clay models (subsequently cast in plaster) which  he then used as  a guide for carving  6 large relief brick panels at Draycott Avenue, Chelsea.  The new carvings were carved in-situ at number 10 Draycott Avenue as part of an enormous carving project on a new brick mansion block.  The work was carried out for Daniel Mundy who designed the panels and managed the project.